Comedian Russ Stolnack is well known by his nickname Russ T Nailz. After years as radio morning man and TV news reporter, Russ is back on the air using his nickname again. Russ T Nailz has been a correspondent for the FOX Business Channel and is now co-hosting “The Big Show,” our nationally syndicated money talk radio/TV show.


Russ joined the live comedy explosion in the late 70’s developing his comedic timing and classic routines. Today Russ is a top humorous speaker delivering his personalized comedy on platforms of all types.


“Investing in Laughter Pays BIG Dividends,” his humorous Keynote, delivers BIG laughs and highlights the value of humor in our lives.


In non-Covid times, you’ll find Russ at an association luncheon or a Las Vegas stage, a corporate meeting or an annual fundraiser. Wherever he is, Russ is funny. Russ is one of the partners of and delivers a very entertaining auction experience. Master of Ceremonies duties are often put in Russ’ hands. Accomplishments include; six regional Emmy awards, a Cable Ace Award and on his first appearance on the NSA platform, winning “The National Speakers Association Comedy Idol Contest.”


Invite-only events, guest appearances, and free concerts